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The tours vary, some taking a leisurely two weeks and crossing eight time zones, making sure you have plenty of time to take in and enjoy these voyages of a lifetime. Upon arrival into Tehran you will be met and transferred to the five-star Espinas International Hotel (or similar) for a two-night stay, with a welcome reception dinner on the first evening. City tour of Tehran with among other things: The Crown Jewels Museum in the Central Bank of Iran Building, with its vast array of crown jewels used by the Qajar and Pahlavid royalty and the legendary Peacock Throne; the Golestan Palace with its renovated Versailles-inspired mirror-encrusted Marble Throne Hall used for the coronation of the last Shah. Late afternoon transfer to the main railway station in the city and board the Golden Eagle.

From the ancient land of Persia and along the Silk Road this unique 18 day journey takes in destinations that are rarely experienced by the Western visitor on a completely enthralling journey. Settle in to your cabin and later enjoy dinner as the train heads overnight to Sha'adat Shara for our first stop at Persepolis. Following breakfast on board we stop at Sadat Shaha, for the home of Persepolis. After lunch we continue by bus to Shiraz, which has a rich culture of poetry, literature, wine, flowers and amazing gardens and fruit trees.

Before dinner we will return to the now illuminated and awe-inspiring Registan Square. Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan and here there is a tour of this modern Soviet-style city which was rebuilt following the earthquake of 1966.

Our tour of the city includes the Old Town, where traditional homes and religious buildings line the narrow streets and here in a small library we’ll be privileged to see one of Islam’s most sacred relics – the world’s oldest Koran.

Here there is free time for you to enjoy the huge square and wander the handicraft Bazaar of Qaisarieh. Yazd is thought to be one of the oldest cities in the world and a centre of Zoroastrianism, a monotheistic faith founded in Iran 3,500 years ago. The 20,000 square metre Rayen castle is situated beneath the snow-capped Mount Hezar in the Province of Kerman.

The tour takes in the Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Amir Chakhmagh Square and the 14th century Friday Mosque, home to one of Persia’s finest and exquisite mosaics. A huge medieval mud brick citadel, it was considered second only to Bam before the 2003 earthquake.

There is a visit to the launch station of Yuri Gagarin’s mission into space. A relaxing day on board travelling l across the vast expanses of the Kara Kum desert. The afternoon touring programme of Moscow principally takes in the Kremlim for the treasures of the Tsars in the Armoury Chamber and the Red Square with its eclectic mix of fascinating architecture, such as the ornate St Basil’s Cathedral’s magnificent onion-domed spires, the beautiful facade of the world famous GUM department store, constructed in Tsarist times, and the sombre and evocative site of Lenin’s tomb. Following breakfast in your hotel, you will be transferred to Moscow Airport for your onward flight. Commencing in Tehran, this voyage by private train will explore so many of Iran’s remarkable sites and incredibly scenic landscapes. Prices are per person in US$ Dollars, but payment in £ Sterling (UK residents) and Euros (Eurozone residents) is available. One of the world's greatest railway journeys, the Trans-Siberian Railway runs from Moscow over the Urals, across the magnificent Russian steppes and alongside the shores of the world's largest freshwater lake.

Stepping back in time, we discover its impressive mosques, madrassas, bazaars and minarets within Khiva’s ancient walls. The highlight of this wonderful tour is a visit to The Ark, a fortified residence of the Emirs of Bukhara – the despotic and ruthless leaders who ruled until Soviet times.

Fay says, "Seeing dachas, steppes and far-reaching views from the comfort of your private suite is mesmerising, making it easy to imagine a distant time, horse-drawn sleighs, fur rugs and Cossack out-riders." This fabulous hotel on wheels is a fully en-suite train in Russia and central Asia.

The Golden Eagle's rail cruises allow one to travel in splendour amidst opulent décor.

Rayen displays all the architectural elements of a deserted citadel (it was inhabited until 150 years ago) and is extremely well preserved.

We continue by road to Mayan to visit the 19th century Royal building, Prince Garden and tomb.

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The next day is a tour of Moscow, which takes in the grandeur of the Kremlin where one can see the treasures of the Tsars in the Armoury Chamber.

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