Signs she losing interest dating how has dating changed over the years

Coming home hungry Before you assume your little luncher is simply sick of PB&J, consider what else might be going on in the cafeteria. Or maybe your child is giving away items voluntarily to become better-liked—or avoiding eating because he fears being ridiculed about his weight or what he's eating, says Miller. "He started calling me from the bus and asking me if his older buddies could come to our house after school," she says.

Again, asking direct questions in a non-threatening way here is key, says Lowen. Normally, her son was only allowed to have friends over after homework was done, and not at all if his parents weren't home.

It's up to you to stay attuned, and get your child to open up. "You have to believe him, and it's probably worse than he's letting on," says Lowen.Becoming upset after getting a text or going online In the age of cyber-bullying, the end of a school day doesn't always offer taunted kids a reprieve."If a parent suspects that cyber-bullying may be going on, she should first confront her child with her concerns, but also verify with monitoring software," advises Dr. Beyond using parental spyware, it's important to keep computers in common areas at home, such as in the kitchen or family room, says Lowen. While there's more bullying awareness than ever (who hasn't heard about the bullied bus matron?), children still fear their parents' response to the harassment can make the situation worse, says Lowen.

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