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To honor the archive’s 400th anniversary, and undoubtedly to quell suspicions, in 2012 the church put hundreds of Vatican artifacts on display at the Capitoline Museums.Some of the most notable pieces in the collection were court documents from the trial of the Knights Templar, papers from Galileo’s heresy trial, and a request for an annulment for Henry VIII.Remember to place in the center of the dating experience rather than be satisfied with less.Discovering that perfect someone is not easy, but it is certainly well worth the work and also the wait.It just so happens this subsurface bank is also next to a governmental reserve, the Bank of England, and the subway tunnel connecting the two coincidentally (or not if you’re a skeptic) shuts down every weekend.As with any proper safe, both the JP Morgan vaults are capable of surviving a direct nuclear blast.

For instance, Mormon detractors believe the vault contains discrepant church historical documents that are being suppressed to avoid making the church look bad or possibly prove the whole religion was fabricated.Despite the church’s attempt at openness, critics say the contents aren’t accessible enough since only qualified clergy and academics are allowed inside the facility, and even those granted entry cannot view items without advanced approval.Thus, the skeptics remain, with theories ranging from the cavern hiding gospels that contradict the Bible, to it housing the earliest known collection of pornography, and holding plans to control the world.There are no shortages of conspiracy theories surrounding the Catholic Church (after all, Dan Brown made a career writing about the stuff), and a reoccurring theme is if the public could only gain entry to the Vatican Secret Archives then all the Church’s mysteries would be exposed.Of course, Catholic officials say there is nothing clandestine going on in the centuries old, labyrinthine vault, and the things inside it aren’t so much “secret” as they are “private.” The archive is defended 24-hours a day by the Pontifical Swiss Guard, and is said to have vast storerooms and over 50 miles of shelves lined with documents dating back to the 8th Century.

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