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Conservation biologists are working to understand the causes of these problems and to resolve them.

The use of the common names "frog" and "toad" has no taxonomic justification.

A few species deposit eggs on land or bypass the tadpole stage.

Adam Levine, who is not really known for his grace or his charm is doing exactly that.

Warty species of frog tend to be called toads but the distinction between frogs and toads is based on informal naming conventions concentrating on the warts rather than taxonomy or evolutionary history.

Frogs' skins vary in colour from well-camouflaged dappled brown, grey and green to vivid patterns of bright red or yellow and black to advertise toxicity and warn off predators. The eggs hatch into aquatic larvae called tadpoles that have tails and internal gills.

They are also one of the five most diverse vertebrate orders.

The body plan of an adult frog is generally characterized by a stout body, protruding eyes, cleft tongue, limbs folded underneath, and the absence of a tail.

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Frogs are valued as food by humans and also have many cultural roles in literature, symbolism and religion.

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